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New PURA Kids drink keeps little legends from bouncing off the walls

[30 August 2021, Cape Town]: Parents, imagine you could give your little legends a drink that tastes great, while also being a little healthier for them too. Here to save the day, PURA Kids is the delicious new natural flavour infused drink that health-conscious parents have been waiting for.

The new range comes from the popular better-for-you soft drink that has been taking South Africa and the world by storm, PURA Soda, expanded now to include a more delicious non-carbonated option especially for kids.

“PURA Kids, is healthier enough that parents are happy to give it to their little legends, and also tasty enough that they love to drink it. It comes without the sugar rush that drives parents crazy by sending kids bouncing off the walls,” says Greig Jansen, CEO of the PURA Beverage Company.

“Sugar highs from sodas and sweetened fruit juices can result in kids doing some crazy things, so we developed PURA Kids to offer parents a healthier alternative, because their kids are sweet enough already.”

“We know that parents all love their kids and want the best for them. It doesn’t matter if they are perfect or have two left feet, everyone thinks their kids are great. And because we know that all parents think that their kids are little legends, we know they also want to be able to give them healthier, great-tasting products that help them reach the great heights they were destined for.”

Preservative and colourant free, PURA Kids contains just 34 calories and comes in four yummy, natural flavours – mixed berry, pink lady apple, peach and lemonade. PURA Kids contains around 60% less sugar than most other regular juices.

It’s also packaged and sized in fun, colourful 200ml eco-friendly cartons with a paper straw that feature some quirky little characters. Sure to grab the attention of parents and their little ones.

“We wanted to develop a product that appealed to both parents and kids, and after much consumer and market research we believe we have cracked it. Now it is possible to help your kids be healthier in an easy way. Join us and live a little Pura.

PURA Kids is available from Pick ‘n Pay stores, as well as select convenience retailers and pharmacy channels nationwide at R7.49 for a 200ml box or R41.99 for six, ideal for lunch boxes or an everyday drink.

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