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Better-For-You Soft Drink PURA Soda Introduces 400ml Pet Bottle

[xx April: Cape Town]: South African soft drink brand, PURA Soda, has launched its perfect serve 400ml PET bottle, making its 100% recyclable packaging more convenient for ‘on-the-go’ consumers that are seeking a healthier hydration fix that they can take anywhere.

In today’s health conscious society, consumers want healthy options that do not compromise on taste, while offering the nutrition and convenience that they are seeking. They also care about a business’ integrity and values and want to leave a positive impact on the world and as a result, make more conscious purchasing decisions.

“At PURA Soda, we’re constantly looking for ways to add value for our customers and be a more of a customer-centric company,” says Greig Jansen, CEO of PURA Soda. “From our research, we realise that consumer demand for natural, healthy and convenient on-the-go products has become pervasive. We know that shopping habits have evolved where consumers want to get in and out of stores quickly – which makes convenience so important.”

“More specifically, on-the-go packs need to fit consumers’ individual habits and lifestyles,” he continues. “Consumers are always on the move today, picking up their favourite beverages and consuming them on multiple occasions. We know that packaging plays a crucial role such as being sturdy and re-closable, and our bottles are 100% recyclable. PURA Soda is also an active member of Clean C, and we are involved in local downstream recycling and urban greening.”

PET bottles are made of one of the few polymers that can be recycled into the same form – a new beverage bottle – again and again. This neatly closes the recycling loop and enables “cradle to cradle” packaging solutions. Prized for its strength, thermo-stability, and transparency, PET is a popular choice for packaging and is inexpensive, lightweight, resealable and shatter-resistant.

Jansen explains that leveraging the growing power of “natural” helps to reverse the tide and achieve sparkling success. “As we continue to look at innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, the new design will be available as a 400ml PET bottle that is more convenient for our customers. This will be available in six of PURA Soda’s delicious flavours: cranberry, Seville orange, cucumber and lime, lemon and elderflower, pomegranate and ginger and lemon. With 65% less sugar than most other soft drinks, no animal by-products, natural flavours and no colourants, it is easier to Live a Little Pura.”

“Consumers are looking for a beverage that tastes good and conveniently fits into their busy lifestyles,” he concludes. “These days, people are finding their cup holders to be the new dining room table.”

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